Circuit Board

Our Mission-

We will provide you with high quality, U.L. approved, printed circuit boards for prototype or production applications in a professional and timely manner.

Design Guidelines

CWI Design Rules : Revised Oct. 03, 2012

Cu Annular Ring minimum:         .005  per side

Inner Cu to plated hole min:        .012   per side

Inner Cu to non plated hole:        .015   per side

Thermal spokes min width:          .010  (.012 preferred)

Thermal Annular ring:                 .008   per side

Minimum trace & space :            .005

Surface Mounts  min Space :    .009   (to allow min 5mil Solder Dam , solder dam not guaranteed  if less)

Any Cu to scored edges       :     .015   clearance

Traces to routed edge        :       .010   clearance

Minimum mask clearance      :    .002  per side (.003 preferred)

Silk Scrn to mask clearance    :  .0025  per side

Minimum Silk Width *              :  .007

Important Notes:

IF Netlist  is supplied:

Netlist Origin must match the Data Origin or Origin location must be noted.

Please note any intentional shorts or breaks if included.

Flashes & Polygons on Legends will not auto clip ( sometimes caused by Special Fonts)

This will cause the legend to remain on top of metal if not visually caught.